10 November, 2012


Slim Chances … with additions and afterthoughts

We’re delighted to announce the exciting news that a special audio edition of Edward’s book, Slim Chances and Unscheduled Appearances, is very soon to be released and will be available in time for Christmas.

The approximately five-hour compilation – necessarily only the tip of the iceberg – will include snatches of the original music from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (NT, 1967) and Nicholas Nickleby (RSC, 1980), Edward’s song from the Broadway musical Coco, and two numbers by Noël Coward, with Jason Carr at the piano. It will also contain new, never-before-published spoken material.

This unique recording will be available in a limited box-set edition (4 CDs), with notes and illustrations, and as a download.

Stay tuned for more news of the release date and where to purchase.