02 October, 2014


Yesterday Edward was interviewed by Graham Rogers on The Afternoon Show, BBC Radio Bristol. You can hear this delightful interview online. It begins at 1:37:30 and is available for the next seven days.

Edward with Graham Rogers at Radio Bristol
Edward is currently appearing in My Perfect Mind at the Tobacco Factory Theatre in Bristol. Next stop Leeds.
Despite being viewed through the prism of Lear’s madness, My Perfect Mind is far from an out-and-out tragedy. As a two-hander, it’s performed with great sensitivity and involves its appreciative audience from the start. The play may question identity and contain serious reflections on the resilience of the human spirit, but it is ever draped in the warm overcoat of comedy. Ultimately, this renders the theatrical experience all the more moving, because it becomes a tender celebration of a life retrieved. (Claire Hayes, The Public Reviews. Read the full review of the first performance in Bristol)